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find proxy server


Where to try to find proxy server

When you are on the web the majority of the times you are stressed over your personal privacy and if you wish to ensure that you will be confidential on the internet then you will definitely have to take a great take a look at a reverse proxy server. There are numerous advantages that you will remain in for when you will get to utilize a web proxy and those advantages number the capability to conceal ip, to alter ip and much more.

If you desire to benefit from one, all you require to do is think about diving into some great research study. When it comes to discovering a great list of proxy servers for your requirements, this is usually a job that is simpler stated than done. In this regards, if you wish to be let in on the list much faster, then you will need to think about the actions listed below.

The very first thing you require to do in order to discover a great list of proxy servers is to utilize Google blogsearch. Given that of word press appeared, in concerns to a blog site platform, it has actually been utilized a lot by lots of web designers in order to have their sites developed with and this indicates that many of the times, you will get to discover an excellent list of fresh proxy servers.

There is another location that you will be able to dive into in order to discover the proxies that you require and that location is normally associated with the proxy online forums. There are a great deal of such neighborhoods that you will have the ability to discover on the internet and the bright side when it concerns the servers they uses, is that their lists are constantly upgraded every day.

And if you wish to get some updates, the only thing you will have to do will be to go back to the online forum. In regards to the proxy online forums, you must understand that getting an account there is quite simple and you will never ever have to think about paying anything for this.

Utilizing the two ideas about, you will definitely recognize that discovering those proxy servers lists you require so severely will be a breeze. There are a great deal of sites out there that provide them, so research study is constantly the secret here.

If you would like to understand more about proxy server and conceal ip, make sure to visit us.

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Hotel Utilizing the Web


Ways to Discover the Perfect Hotel Utilizing the Web?

You understand you require to discover a cheap hotels in cebu that isn’t really going to break the bank. You figure that you can utilize the web to discover that ideal hotel option, however exactly what’s the finest method to go about discovering it online?


Unless the rate of the hotel will be one of the aspects that will assist you select in between 2 trip options, you’ll most likely understand where you are going. With this details, you’ll desire to begin your search at one of the primary search engines online.

The most standard hotel search you might do would be to enter your location in addition to either the keyword hotel or motel. If you are going to Orlando, Florida, you ‘d get in a search like ‘Orlando Florida Hotel’. This sort of search will offer you a list of sites that either are hotels or are noting hotels worth taking a look at.

One excellent method to get a quality list of hotels is to type in the name of some of the tourist attractions you prepare on going to in the city you have actually selected. To continue with our example of Orlando, you might utilize ‘Universal Studios Orlando Hotel’.

Do not hesitate of using Hotel directory sites to assist you scope out a great capacity match. For our example city, utilizing an Orlando hotel directory site might yield simply the best hotel for your requirements. Much of these directory sites consist of either evaluations and maps on their website or simple to discover connect to these sort of resources.

When doing searches with a search engine, attempt to believe of various methods you can state the exact same thing. Do not simply look for Orlando hotel however look for Orlando motel, Orlando lodging, Orlando getaway and so on. Replace your designated city location for Orlando in these example.

Utilizing these methods and a little time to check out the hotel sites, there is no factor that you cannot discover that best hotel at the cost you anticipate.

Hotel Vouchers for Homeless Households

It does not impact a single group of individuals. If homelessness has actually impacted, you and your household or somebody you understand there is aid out there. One program that is getting in appeal and spreading out throughout the country is the hotel coupons for homeless household’s programs.

Amazon might not give away complimentary hotel coupons; nevertheless, they do have a lots of present cards that you can acquire for a homeless household to purchase some food and beverages!

How Hotel Vouchers for Homeless Households Work

These programs are various in each location. Each program works a little in a different way. These programs are moneyed by a range of charities, nevertheless some ha

Finding Hotel Vouchers for Homeless Households

Finding help isn’t really constantly easy to do. With these ideas you can discover hotel coupons for you and your household.

In the United States you can call 211 from any location and get regional details that will assist you discover the aid that you require. They are most likely to provide you info about numerous programs and you need to take down the info so that you can get as much aid as possible. If they do not talk about hotel coupons for homeless households, then ask.

You can get online and do a search for regional services for homeless. You ought to discover a number of resources this method and you will likewise be able to discover out if there are any coupon programs in your location.

Not all charities will understand whatever that is going on in your neighborhood, you might be able to discover out more details by talking to somebody at a food kitchen, soup cooking area, or shelter. Feel totally free to see if they understand anything about hotel coupons for homeless households in your location. To keep things arranged you ought to compose down any details that they offer you and make sure you follow up on any leads that they offer you since that is exactly what will assist you discover assistance.

Making an application for Hotel Vouchers for Homeless Households

This will have consisted of the complete names of everybody in your household, their birth dates, and their social security numbers. It’s constantly valuable to have copies of all crucial and validating documentation to get the application and to get the procedure done with as fast as possible. The majority of companies that provide out hotel coupons have an extremely in-depth scree

What Are the Lodgings Like?


The coupons are truly a collaboration in between the charity and the taking part hotel. The hotel gets less cash from hotel coupons for homeless households than they would needs to the space be reserved by somebody else. The majority of programs work hard to make sure that the hotels they are working with are offering good spaces and food.

Getting hotel coupons for homeless households can be a fantastic relief and an excellent assistance for having a hard time households working hard to get back on their feet. If you require aid then you ought to look for out these coupons, use for them, and utilize them.

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most expensive headphones the very best


Why the most expensive headphones the very best one to pay attention to music

most expensive headphones

The most expensive headphones are utilized by those individuals who wish to take pleasure in music or any discussions of films with no disturbance from outdoors. These kinds of headphones are readily available in the market in various rate variety which can be chosen by you inning accordance with your requirement and spending plan. The most expensive headphones are offered in the market in 2 various kinds like in the wired kind and the cordless type.


Some of the design of the stereo earphone is offered in a really low-cost rate. Based on the style and function of the headphones the rate of the most expensive headphones likewise differs from earphone to earphone.


Normally, the most expensive headphones in the world include two-disc type earphone and a mike which can be utilized by you for speaking. Whatever be the factor the primary factor for which individuals go for the most expensive headphones are that it offers them an excellent clearness of noise which enables them to hear anything plainly without any disruption. Among the cordless kinds of the most expensive headphones is the Bluetooth earphone which is offered in the market in various colors and designs.


To get complete benefit from the most expensive headphones then you must make usage of it on both of your ears. If you desire to go with the cordless most expensive headphones, then you must pick those design of the cordless earphone in which you believe you would be comfy.


The cordless most expensive headphones likewise enable you to move easily so that you can do your work conveniently. The cordless most expensive headphones can likewise assist you out to get rid of all of the undesirable noise so that you can take pleasure in the music to your complete satisfaction.


Wonderful IPod Earphone Advantages


When enjoying your preferred tunes from your IPod, you might listen by way of low-cost 1990s Walkman earphones, or it is possible to have the supreme encounter of listening through wonderful headphones. There is definitely one benefit to using the previous earphones, which’s the capability to flex and fold them thinking about that they’re so low priced that you do not care, however by utilizing them, you not simply jeopardize the musical stability of the structure that the artist worked challenging to create for you personally, however likewise the difficult function IPod place into establishing a compact musical center efficient in giving off a top quality noise – if only the correct headphones had actually been utilized. In this short article, I want to encourage you to throw out people recycled Walkman earphones you’re applied to and as a substitute get an appear at the numerous IPod earphone favorable elements suitable in front of you.

expensive headphones

The headphones which have actually been produced for that IPod are innovative in that they come in a considerable large range of sizes, shapes and easily offered abilities to produce your mobile music know-how superb. Take an appearance at some additional IPod earphone favorable elements.


Wireless Capabilities


Amongst the biggest IPod earphone favorable elements might be the service of purchasing a cordless design. Being that they’re cordless, they make for an exceptional improvement more than the wire headphones for the factor that they have actually rechargeable batteries with as much as 8 hrs.


One of the primary benefits of this particular, having stated that, is their possible to help you keep away from the damage a wire can typically set off. Over time, you get that you just have to hold the cable in a really particular location to keep away from breaks in music. This is frequently prevented by working out utilizing the cordless variation.


Solely Integrated Controls


Where you might be able to get excellent noise in the usage of routine headphones, you cannot beat acquiring the capability to make usage of accurate controls out of your earphone which may be custom-made for your device. As an example, when you choose to turn up the volume on your gadget, as an option to reaching for it (or obtaining it in the occasion you are using cordless ones), you might generally turn it up from your headphones.


High quality Noise


Believe it or not, one of the exceptional IPod earphone benefits is the great quality of noise you listen to coming by methods of them. The bulk of the earphone producers didn’t keep back when developing their items, providing their purchasers the exact same fantastic noise abilities they would get from any other leading quality gadget.


Fashionable Styles


To develop favorable to preserve up with the advancement of style, a big number of manufacturers have actually established another one of the Ipod earphone included advantages – a sleeker and even more modern-day design. Now you might get a great set in a number of shades, sizes and shapes to match your special design – along with your distinct ear. A lot of in the headphones have distinct styles similar to those from the appealing cell phone and ear piece kinds, so when browsing for the ideal ones, be prepared to discover exactly what you’re attempting to discover.


The couple of Ipod earphone advantages I have actually called do underestimate to the numerous that there really are –


When picking your particular headphones, it’s essential to not just look in the advantages, however likewise all of the functions accessible, since you may discover that some qualities might potentially or might potentially not work within your extremely finest interest. Some headphones consist of a sound cancellation option, which might be extremely great if you take place to be at home trying to tune out your loud liked ones. You’ll be able to run down the record of Ipod earphone gains utilizing the next potential client utilizing the confidence and guarantee that you just are really being handy.

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What To Do On The Beach When You Can’T Swim – Staying Safe On Your Beach Vacation


 vacation Shoes were my biggest concern, especially since New York has just experienced loads of snow, and was expecting serious rain/sleet when I was there.

Like in the Brooklyn Museum, I also had plain grey flats, that fit in the purse for quick changes.

Thank goodness I ok grey flipflops, as I needed them to walk around in the BB. 100 – visit this link in case you want more tips. I continued taking a sturdy pair of grey rain boots. Never got cold or wet feet! Oftentimes we’ve never been caught short while traveling, and I know it’s amazing how often the flat sink stopper comes in handy, even when traveling in ‘welldeveloped’ countries. We use the packing list almost any trip. BeachMasters is celebrating the opening of our fancy new website with a ‘preseason’ sale.

 vacation So in case you are checking this out before the end of 2016 you are in luck.

Mostly there’re fewer things more soothing than an ocean breeze to make you enjoy the heat.

Now that the hot weather, and the Outer Banks beach vacationers are upon us, they and we alike will head to the beach for relief. Now look, a towel, a drink, a book, some sunscreen, and a shovel for the kids. From thence till now the changes have come slowly but steadily. It doesn’t see should be wasted.

Even on days when you can’t swim, you can relax, sunbathe, read a book, or more. Look, there’re even companies who will outfit your beach perch with a bar, radio, tent, and chairs! Beachmasters delivered as promised and didn’t disappoint These people are ON POINT. Just got back to NY from obx after a week in Nags Head.

Awesome service!! You should take it into account. See you next year!!! On p of this, highly recommend!!Hands down p beach rental service in OBX.p notch equipment service!! Second year we’ve used them, and we will use them nearly any time we come to OBX!!

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I’d Say If You Knew Me You Should Know So That’s A Miracle: Traveletters (Reader Comments)


travel They can be found free of charge on many sites. Best of luck and never give up on your dream. Whenever, using Google + as a social site, it’s also great for promoting your overall business with contact info. Or if there’s no info anyway, it a decent idea to setup or log in to your Google account and update/add info to your Business section, Therefore in case most of the info isn’t correct. Fact, I recommend that small businesses take the time to search for their business and see what shows up in the business profile that Google displays. Kids love balloons. You’ll have a bunch of happy people marching around with your brand floating above their heads, all for less than $ 200. For instance, are embarrassed to admit it, adults love them could have been in Europe for two months on a strict budget with that tiny bag.

Top-notch things in lifespan really are free!

I did not see a single other person who was carrying similar bag as me. Know what, I cannot imagine if I had to bear the extra 4050″ pounds that quite a few Voyageur critics I met were jamming into their enormous backpacks, even on the longest walk the weight on my back usually was not over bearing. I’d say if ever, in eight weeks and ten countries I rarely, desperately needed anything that was not in my trusty Voyageur. They will speculate on all the things that I must be without. As a result, I got off the bus and did actually be the first in line, got an exit row seat, and off to the ‘air conditioned’ terminal.

travel My friend stood in the line for 5 hours in the heat, while I was sitting back eating an ice cream cone.

Man was I glad to have my one bag.

Better was when we were leaving the country. However, I am so glad I stumbled upon your website. I just got back this weekend from a trip with my church to the Dominican Republic. Everyone else had big bags to take. I ok lots of your advice and packed very lightly into one backpack.a great bit, virtually, much of it from readers who look for clarification on a particular pic of interest, or have suggestions of their own to offer. I get mail. I also get letters from folks who’ve tried out the ideas described in such detail on these pages, in a wide types of travel situations. Yes, that’s right! I thought it not simply us obsessive types and can make your travel experience more pleasant as a consequence.

travel I travel a lot, and it has seemed to me that nearly any trip is the first trip.

I asked myself how do I make each trip not be the first trip.

As your great site so well instructs. Which is tally insane. So here’s a question. How do I make this simpler, take up less time and energy, less stress? There’s! How do I standardize? Period. Eventually, I said to myself, there has to be a way to just have one bag. Remember, we got a few comments from ‘checkin’ staff and customs/quarantine officials who seemed surprised at our lack of luggage. My husband and I shared the task and got it done quite quickly, our family of four There was a fair bit of washing. Thanks for the Web site! My husband was to Russia to teach in a Bible School seven times and the bundle wrapping method of packing had been so helpful to him.

travel He has shared it with many others who were going on mission trips. Thanks a lot! My wife and I gave it a shot on our honeymoon in Italy, and it was great, at first I was doubtful that I could bring everything I’d need in a carry on. Known I just wanted to thank you for your One Bag website. A well-known fact that is. Compared with previous trips, we realized almost the benefits you mention on the One Bag front page. Of course, I said none, and she said, No, ma’am, Actually I didn’t ask how many you’re bringing on. Then again, I asked how many you’re checking. I have to tell you that I felt very egotistical when the woman at the ticket counter in Atlanta asked me what amount bags I was checking.

travel Last winter, To be honest I put Doug’s advice to the test. I happily spent 2 weeks in jolly old England carrying only ONE SMALL DAYPACK, after figuring out what luggage restrictions were in effect for carry on luggage on international flights. It was awesome. I continued using almost everything I ok and never once needed something I didn’t have. Noone in my group could reckon that I got everything I needed in one 1500 cu. Basically, it was It’s an interesting fact that the tips on OneBag.com were invaluable on a recent trip to Canada and the US. Bundle method of packing my clothes was an eye opener for me. With that said, many men have ld me things similar to their marriage broke up since the wife had one concern that really attracts the men is the ONEBAG notion!

You can’t imagine what amount responses this one trait has attracted!!!

One man said that he left his wife at the bottom of the path to Santorini since she had very much stuff the donkey couldn’t take it up the hill and he decided there and hereupon to leave her. Just thought this should amuse you. Overall, it works very well and I look forward to packing and traveling now, Know what guys, I still seem to take some extra clothes that I end up not needing, and I came homeward with more clothes and shoes than I left with. I have now used, and am happy to report that not only could I pack in one bag for myself, I also packed my toddler’s clothes gether with mine in quite similar bag.

My grandmother was fascinated by how I packed my clothes, as I was packing to leave Florida to come home. Learned that it was possible to pack lightly even with a ddler in tow, I’m quite sure I did have to take a diaper bag Actually the MEI Voyageurs that my wife and I traveled with ultra heavy Samsonite suitcases on flights and trains and the London subway. For example, this year, I’m setting out for a similar trip, though far more enlightened. Just think for a moment. After reading OneBag, I recently traveled to the US for about three weeks,.com, decided I will try traveling with just one ‘carry on’ bag. I thought clothes were intending to occupy the most space but it was the shoes and little items I ok with me!! I have to say. Next month I’ll just travel with only a decent pair of shoes. Now look. It was very much more comfortable!! Oftentimes I didn’t know I could travel that way!! Whenever taking planes, trains, rental cars, and just plain walking, armed with my prebloat Patagonia MLC, a surgical tubing clothesline, and a wardrobe consisting almost entirely of CoolMax, Know what, I managed to trudge all around the Pacific Northwest and Alaska for two weeks.

One of my first trips was the acid test.

From the beaches of southern Oregon, to the p of a snow covered mountain outside of Fairbanks, from Shakespearean theatre to a ‘dog mushing’ convention, I actually had a something to wear for nearly any occasion and temperature.

I haven’t gone back to my old, multi bag ways since. How do you deal with personal safety concerns for you and your family, and do you struggle with the loss of privacy because of being in this business? With all that said… I have hesitated publishing my website being that I have concerns about personal safety and exposure. It seems like so that makes privacy and anonymity nonexistent, To be honest I would love to simply be a travel writer and not necessarily a blogger. You keep it all in a spreadsheet, use Twitter lists, or something else, right?

As well as organizing contacts and urism boards or businesses that you have previously worked with, can you share website promotion, Web or Social Media for travel blogging that you should like answered on my Podcast, simply submit your question to bitw/askalexa and I’ll answer it on an upcoming episode, I’d say in case you have a question about travel blogging. You actually need visit this web page: 100. I can relateI have so many article and location ideas that it’s sometimes overwhelming and I’m not sure what to focus on next. How do you decide what to focus on? That is it for day!Thank you to Jaime Gary for today’s awesome questions! Besides, the shampoo bar and travel wel were also indispensible.

I just wanted to thank you regarding the AA flashlight recommendation. To be honest I would have missed out walking the Ankhor Wat royal libraries by the light of the redish moon, without the light. It’s an interesting fact that the bag from Rick Steves. Bringing one bag has prevented me from buying crap. So it is an awesome method travel. One recommended on the website, in point of fact. With my ONE carry on bag, I am currently emailing you from Sweden. I have bought a few things, a pair of sneakers and two shirts, and a book. Notice that the very concept of traveling with one bag intrigued me, though everyone thought I was crazy when I insisted on packing one ‘carry on’ bag for a threeweek trip to Rome, Copenhagen, Michigan, and NYC. I did it, and will never, ever travel any other way. Needless to say, thank you! Now please pay attention. That was my large bag.

I was on your web site within two hours.

It weighs 14 pounds before you put anything in it, I used to use the steelsided bag that you see lots of airline pilots dragging around.

I saw the article in USA Today about your packing method. Within a week I had a Red Oxx Air Boss. I travel for a living. So, I am a professional pilot. I have also discovered the fun of it, the joy of finding new solutions. That’s where it starts getting really intriguing, right? I believe I have nailed the majority of it, as a woman with the need to wear different kinds of purses at different occasions. It has taken some extra creative thinking.

I really appreciate the excellent material on your website … it has helped me considerably in my travels both domestic and international. I refuse to check baggage containing anything I should want to keep, partly since the information I’ve gotten from a friend who is setting up the baggage handling system at the Munich airport. I used the list on a recent trip to Nigeria where we were often without water, electricity, and identical amenities and I never was without what I needed. I have an onepage list from your website that is tattered, torn, and highlighted. Incredibly, I was able to get everything in a carry on suitcase plus a briefcase for documents and computer. I used your techniques to pack for an one week business trip to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, where I needed business attire almost any day plus running clothes and shoes. I ld my colleagues about your website and you have forever changed how I pack. Using your techniques, all of my clothes remained wrinkle free. Anyway, discovering your website changed my life. Yes, that’s right! I travel, luggage was a primary concern of mine for quite a while.

Here in China now, quite a few of the company is coming to me for advice on how to do it.

I love it.

I travel about 320 days a year. I went from four bags to a single MEI Voyageur today. I haven’t checked a bag in forever. I am not overstating it. I haven’t been home or even had a house or apartment in seven years. Just keep reading! Thanks to you, I can leave the steamer in the premises and pack an extra couple books to keep me sane on the road. In this quick break before I go back to attack suitcase number two, By the way I wanted to take a minute to thank you profusely for the website. I’d probably be spending the next five months constantly mumbling about folding clothes and making extensive use of my travel clothing steamer, I’d say if I hadn’t stumbled on it.

While having started in California, to Miami, therefore to Salvador, Brazil for Carnival, I am in Rio de Janeiro.

I look forward to my next vacation.

I plan to purchase a Around the World ticket and use my MEI Voyageur again. On p of this, I mailed home, even a pair of jeans that just weighed me down that I did not need to bring. What a carry on it has turned out to be! Normally, for it’s not to be imagined without experience, how… a little bulk will hinder, and a little weight will burden; or how often a man that has pleased himself in the apartments with his own resolution, will, in the hour of darkness and fatigue, be content to leave behind him everything himself, We found in the course of our journey the convenience of having disencumbered ourselves, by laying aside whatever we could spare. For our next trip in July I ordered a brand new bag and managed to pack even more lightly than before, and even packed all of my son’s clothing needs in a backpack.

I probably studied your website for a couple of months prior to our first trip in June.

I had my husband and son share the large suitcase, and we were both surprised that I had less stuff than my husband!

It really is a fantastic feeling not to have to check luggage. I had leftover room there. However, I have never been able to pack lightly, and the one time I tried, To be honest I had all the wrong things. Then again, maybe I can fit this into a smaller one. Thence I did. Keep reading. I realized, Hey, To be honest I have a lot more room left than usual, after I got my clothes packed in the large suitcase I usually take. That said, since I had to pack for two, I now have a ‘oneyearold’ and knew that when I did my traveling this summer I was preparing to need to pack lightly for myself. Then again, I was very skeptical, when I came across your website. I fit it into an even smaller size. Seriously. I need the Q in the QAto continue this segment!

It’s aQA episode that is aired once monthly. Simply head to http, Therefore in case you have a question you’d like answered on an upcoming episode. My son, who is very familiar with the subway system, asked if I wanted to try it, By the way I ok enough money for cabs. Furthermore, it was, ‘all in all’, actually a full fledged miracle for a woman who is used to traveling with four suitcases for a twoday trip! Whenever being able to go here and there and to and from the airport with my one bag and purse, I assented, and saved a massive quantity of money. On p of that, the main thing. My wife was tally impressed with how well it worked, and we packed about 1/3 to 1/2 less stuff consequently we packed last year when we went.

We did not go without anything, or feel like we had forgotten something indoors that we needed/wanted.

Look, there’s no way we could’ve done it with more than one bag every.

We just finished another threeweek trip to England using. I know that the Travel Industry links were particularly useful in our actual trip planning. Besides the obvious benefits on our flights, we were especially grateful when we had to use the Tube at first pace of the morning rush hour in London. I happened to find the site when searching for advice on what to pack for a trip to Dublin and London in February places I’d never been before. Everyone ld me I’d freeze to death without a bunch of heavy sweaters, tweed pants, overcoats, etcetera A previous trip through Italy and France by train was spoiled a few years back for me by lugging a smallish checkin bag and a ‘carryon’ throughout the journey, I loved what you had to say about the pleasures of traveling light, since I’m a Texan. Did you hear of something like that before? It did take some amount of time, planning, and investment to get there but tally worth it.

By packing light versions of what we need we were able to spend 5 weeks in the Greek islands with one bag for the two of us.

Life changing experience.

My wife and I love our MEI Voyageurs. Surely it’s just so liberating to be able to walk anywhere with just one bag. Will allow you to know how things work out. Two years ago I first started using your One Bag principle and have never looked back! For instance, look, there’re so many officious people in the travel industry, that to retain responsibility for your favourite gear sure lowers the stress levels. This is where it starts getting really serious, right? Your credo has brought back the joy and delight of travel, Thank you. With that said, actually, I am planning to apply this simple principle to how I manage a household. Anyways, I felt bad for the buyer as I thought, He hasn’t read OneBag.com and has no info what he’s missing.

I am so happy with it, I actually promptly put my Tumi stuff on ebay and the wheeled 22″ suitcase sold for USD $ The Air Boss was half of that!

The Air Boss is amazing!

Lightweight and very roomy and rugged. For some odd reason, Delta enjoys my frequent visits to their Baggage Claim Center. My luggage has not fared so well! That is interesting right? I was able to travel Business Class, and Class. Actually, I see Eric the Delta Rep in Atlanta more than I see my husband! I’ve implemented a lot of techniques piecemeal, primarily as long as I had an old rolling carry on and just couldn’t justify buying a brand new one when this one wouldn’t die.

I’m so grateful for your advice.

I’ve coveted the Red Oxx Air Boss for about three years now.

Let me explain. Now I am in practice, I have been a believer in principle. I have been reading OneBag.com and have had it bookmarked for a few years. Consequently, nearly killed me lifting and hauling, and it was difficult to find room for my enormous suitcase in the cabin. I ok a seven night cruise last year and packed a n of stuff.

Well, I just got back from another seven day cruise and all I brought was a Air Boss bag. Accordingly the shoulder bag phenomenon definitely allowed me to skirt the British Airways 6kg limit although on the return flight they announced they would’ve been strictly enforcing it. I had gleefully walked past everyone who had gotten off the plane before me and were still staking out the baggage claim for their checked luggage. Second, the customs agent as I was leaving the baggage claim on my return asked whether I had forgotten my checked luggage after he saw only one bag dangling from my shoulder.

I did a six week solo trip to Europe for the first time.

My friends and family thought I was insane when they saw my small bag just before I was leaving for the airport.

I was an absolute novice traveler and I completely relied on the information and philosophy of OneBag.com. Very stress free. Certainly, my trip was a tal success! While thinking I could wear identical thing on the first and fourth days for traveling, I ok clothes for three days. Brought a dress jacket, never believing that it would not wrinkle when folded thus but it didn’t! Being that I had coordinated my clothes. I been able to use one bag for travel for one month to Michigan for a family medical emergency. My trip back was delayed and I had to go straight from the airport to work.

It has now been a couple of years since I’ve converted to onebag travel, and I’ve never looked back!

Whenever caving gear, sleeping bag, and pad to Hawai’I in just a carry on, I was able amazingly to carry all my clothes.

I couldn’t have done it if we had not packed lightly! It’s a well we were able to use our to carry supplies for the refugees. Furthermore, better part? Consequently, I forced my roommate to pack for one bag did actually use one bag to travel to Africa for two weeks on a mission/relief trip. As a result, your packing list was so complete that I continued supplying others with all the little things they forgot. I just wanted to write and thank you for the many excellent product selections. I will continue to consult the website and will surely continue to recommend onebag.com to any of my friends and family who may travel. Might need, it felt like doomsday approaching, the first time I culled items from my suitcase that I hadn’t used in years.

Now I laugh at airline employees lugging all that crap through the airport. I carry the Air Boss, and that is all. Our family group of three siblings plus spouses went on a ‘selfplanned’ 15 day trip to Italy in fall Rome, Cinque Terre, Lucca, Florence, Orvieto, Sorrento and vicinity, and finally Pompeii. Of course in my case, for instance, OneBag pointed me to MEI and their excellent Voyageur pack which I would never have found otherwise. Now let me tell you something. Since one can leave clothes, and all that stuff that are not targets of theft with the hotel, one can play urist all day with only a small day pack or messenger bag. Marvelous to be able to get around with nothing more than should be easily carried. Consequently, freedom to roam! Now look. Often no need for a cab! Nevertheless, all the planning and coordination paid off with a trouble free and fabulous trip, helped in large for a while being that we drank the OneBag Kool Aid and packed down to one bag every. I’m sure you heard about this. OneBag was a great discovery and we very much appreciated sound advice.

My wife and I just returned from a 30day trip around the and Canada by train.

Please spread the word about travelling light.

It was our first major vacation on our own, and we’re thankful that we implemented the OneBag philosophy. Whenever skipping luggage lines, and avoiding fees, having just one bag helped me save our stuff from a flaming Amtrak train in the woods of southern Maine, aside from the usual privileges of ease of carrying. It was my first trip to Europe, and I had no information what to expect. The website really helped me determine what I needed, and what going to be left behind, I needed more stuff than will fit in a carryon. Besides, there wasn’t anything I wished I had brought, and I carried on deciding there were a couple of items I could’ve left behind. There’s more info about it on this website. When my church choir was planning an ur of Eastern Europe, found website around 1998.

Your tips helped me keep my bag down to a manageable size weight that I did actually carry load on the bus myself.

I kept reading, and for the most followed your advice to the tee.

From the moment I began reading your website in preparation for my twomonth solo journey around Europe, To be honest I knew that to continue reading my be in my ultimate best interest. Although, I even managed to eliminate items from the packing list making my load much lighter. My packing was easy and extremely organized, By the way I did not ‘over pack’, I actually had room for almost all the kids’ clothes, two iPads, a MacBook Air, accessories, and the bag was still light enough to carry. Furthermore, I mean it here, By the way I know people abuse the word amazing.

Bundle wrapping was perfect. My wife had one ‘carry on’, ‘duffle style’ bag because of reading the times wrong, Well, Actually I made it safely. We had to get on half an hour later flight, and surely my traveling partner checked her bags and she has no bags. You see, I just received this from my girlfriend. Great, great site! Considering the above said. I hope you are able to convert everyone to your fabulous travel light, lessismore philosophy. I’m convinced doing so is the key to happy travel and marvelous memories and adventures. Bag was back to its original size.

Gave a pair of nondesigner American jeans to a grateful hotel staff member, and, poof, I did succumb to a slight shopping attack in London.

They have been perfectly dry by the next morning.

It was definitely a success. It was my first opportunity to fly with one bag. Week ago I flew to Hartford for a few days. With that said, I had room to spare, since it was a relativelyrelatively short trip. The majority of the major problems had been adequately addressed by OneBag, while it was a little rough around the edges. My impression of the Air Boss is that it’s as close to perfect as it will ever get for an one bag traveler. For instance, I washed an undershirt and shorts in the sink and let them dry to assess the feasability of doing so, it was unnecessary. Notice that I am now a believer. Now regarding the aforementioned fact… Thank you.

It even looks better.

I ok the time to visit the One Bag site, as my wife and I are getting ready to travel overseas to lecture.

I just finished bundling my clothes and, to my absolute amazement, did neatly, conveniently, and easily bundle what had taken up two my suitcase sides into one side! Eventually, everyone except me only one one in that group to have only a single carryon! Bags were a huge hassle for everyone, even if we chartered a 737. I could not believe how much time everyone spent loading and unloading their bags. I stumbled last year when planning a roundtheworld trip for myself and my husband. Suitably intrigued, I’m almost sure I decided it sounded like a perfect idea, and certainly worth a try was it ever! Whenever thanking various deities that we only had to carry our single, we stayed in campervans, hostels, hotels, experienced temperatures from -20C to 40C, skied, swam, hiked, went to clubs, pubs, casinos, and concerts, and walked around numerous cities.

We have just returned from four travel months in NZ, US, Canada, Western Europe, UK, and Thailand.

I’ve just now returned from a week in California, the acid test if you will, and wanted to allow you to know that it was a complete success.

Whenever waiting for an open flight, except this time, I’m quite sure I had all my luggage, underwear, toiletries, etcetera with me, For one of the issues, my return journey for ages delays and missed connections that had me shacked up in an airport hotel all of a sudden. I tried it, and now use it exclusively, even when I’m in the apartments. I’ll scribble Free book, when I’m done with one. Notice that before a trip I’ll stop at an used book store and get one or two cheap paperbacks. Read me! I’ll leave it somewhere. Post it’ or scrap of paper and stick it on/in the book. Basically, I hate packing something that I’ll have to just haul around after for any longer! Needless to say, noone knows? It certainly makes my day not to have to carry the deadweight around. On a bus I’m taking, in an airport waiting area, on a train platform, and suchlike Maybe it just gets ssed by a janitor, or maybe it makes some random traveller’s day when they happen upon it.

Amongst the tips that I really latched on to was your recommendation of shave oil instead of shaving cream.

I’ve also used your book trick trade or discard as you go.

Take me! Through the experience, I couldn’t stop noticing. Did you know that a few of us missed the last leg of our inbound flight and were stuck for five days in Madrid waiting for the next available flight, as it turned out. How ineffective rolling luggage is when removed from an airport, I experienced by never having to check a bag. Remember, thank you a lot … we did our ‘tenday’ honeymoon last summer with one bag any carryononly through customs is priceless! You see, look, there’s actually no way that my wife and I could repay you for the all that you and OneBag have done for us! However, we have loved travelling with cabin luggage only. We have loved standing at airports and similar transport places smiling smugly at the people with oodles of luggage, thinking, Not OneBag.com people!

Getting around is so easy.

We used your packing method for our clothes and it worked beautifully.

Friend used it on our recommendation and was so excited about it that she rang us late one night to tell us of her packing triumph! I used to be the worst packer your stereotypical woman traveler with three suitcases packed with nearly any bit of clothing for awhile trip. I found it through Google, I reckon, and it has made a convert out of me! Now I’ve realized just how great living out of a ‘carryon’ can be I spent a week in Italy with just one light roll aboard and I even had clothing to spare!

Just wanted to send you a quick note to enable you to know how much I love onebag.com.

I was amazed how easy this made travel and it will encourage me to travel more!

Last year I travelled to Asia with a rolling boxcar. That said, this year I bought the MEI Voyageur bag, followed your thoughtful advice and philosophy, and ok a ‘7day’ one carry on bag trip to Asia. Besides, it’s so freeing, mentally and physically, not to have to cart a whole bunch of stuff around and not to have to worry about for awhileings. Now look. So it’s a most inspirational site. This is where it starts getting really intriguing. Naturally, To be honest I ld them all about OneBag.com.

I had been travelling, and they noticed how light I was travelling.

I used it as my guide for how to live out of a single for awhile trip globally, and it was great.

My one bag was something of a conversation starter when I met fellow travellers at various hostels. Basically, I think the most useful fact of OneBag is the idea that the packing list is a contract we make with ourselves and that it represents the absolute maximum percentage of stuff we will carry. I’ve gone from using a 26″ case for three day trips to carrying my Air Boss for a ‘two week’ trip and have never felt the lack challenge was convincing my wife that no wheels was a perfect idea. Needless to say, we have two little boys.

I serve on the board of a small development agency and recently ok a short trip from my home in Canada to The Gambia, where we had a team of nurses and pharmacists working in the main teaching hospital.

I found the website a couple of weeks before I left and I must have spent hours reading almost any detail.

I adopted as much of your philosophy as I could, and even with a ‘suboptimal’ bag was easily able to take everything I needed for a week without checking a bag. I have seen the light. Besides, without reduction in the enjoyment of my trip AT ALL, thanks to Doug’s advice, I was able to drastically reduce the percentage of crap on my back.



As a matter of fact, the reverse is true I had a for ages being that I was carrying less! With that said, I have always been a heavy suitcase traveler bringing everything just if. Just keep reading! I feel a lot more comfortable will know so it is a miracle, So in case you knew me. Thanks a lot for your onebag.com web site. I can’t believe it but I actually am able to pack everything in a carry on! I am on my way to Mozambique for 2 weeks and wanted to pack light.

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Digital Marketing Trends For That Could Destroy Your Business


 business marketing Our room was of average size, furnished to a high standard, very clean and with loads of storage space. Did you know that the bed was comfortable and they have a pillow menu so you can select exactly what suits you best. Then the rise of social media and all those multiple messaging apps have lead many people to question the future of email.

It shan’t be going away anytime soon.

I know it’s still the default business communication tool. Accordingly the world can now be reached with a tweet, an email or a blog post that is shared on social. You have to be investing in your digital content assets and global distribution networks. Fact, the mantra of think like a publisher was embraced by brands like Red Bull, Coca Cola and Lego. Much of the past we have to leave behind. We need to be nimble, agile and dedicated to a lifetime of learning and innovation. You should take it into account. For many, the old habits die hard and mass media marketing that was so effective in the past is losing its traction as the new connected generation switches off the remote and junks the letterwrite contents.

 business marketing Memorable and congruent branding, creative content creation and knowing and understanding your market sector are still marketing The hard nosed conversion tactics and fundamentals of the direct mail experts from the 20th century are also a skill set worth embracing and polishing. Recent report from Group High reveals that influencer marketing is no longer a freebie but often requires a paid investment. Digital marketing is many moving parts and there are we are looking at just quite a few opportunities that the mobile and the social web allow. However, in the new age of digital it may be seen more as an investment in the future of your online authority. Advertisements that had a lifetime of 30 seconds and never to be seen again and cost hundreds of thousands are being added to and even replaced by online videos that can be viewed this year and into the future.

 business marketing That’s a fact, it’s an asset build. It used to be easy before when you just handed your marketing dollars over to the advertising agency. It’s time to beat them to the punch. Another question isSo the question is this. What are the digital marketing trends that could destroy your business if you don’t start now? You can be sure that your savvy competitors should be getting in on the digital action! Surely it’s now the primary screen for most. Notice that mobile was called the second screen but that was flipped. So, the new age marketers that win going to be the ones with the greatest and best content and will also know how to make it flow across the web and optimized for discovery.They will have a grasp of the power of content marketing.

 business marketing I am investing in building my Twitter tribe for years!

Online stores that are owned by corporations in London are selling to your customers in NY, Los Angeles or even Sydney.

Amazon is the global competitor for the corner book store and far more. Scaling content on your favourite is expensive and pretty impossible to do. Discover how to do that well and you are on your way to earning that free attention that companies crave. Of course in some recent research Onalytica discovered that just on YouTube alone that brand fans were creating 99 of the content that mentioned the brand. Now let me tell you something. Email is still a digital trend that ain’t going away. And therefore the reality has set in and the question is now asked What is the return on investment.

Basically the CEO is saying Show me the sales. Social media is now to be treated as just another digital channel. No longer can you rely on Facebook to provide free traffic to your website or blog. It’s become just another paid advertising channel. That said, this new media is indexed by Google and shared on Facebook and Twitter. In 10 years the content you created day might be found in a Google search. This is the case. They are searchable now and could be found on the web in a decade. Media creation is a digital content asset that provides brand value now and will give. Companies are now willing to pay for that attention. Nevertheless, online influencers and niche bloggers now offer this for brands to reach targeted global audiences. They offer not only global reach but credibility and trust. Of course all isn’t going away. Certainly, you are intending to need to adapt. You can’t ignore the looming reality that the new ‘start ups’ will also disrupt. So there’re now quite a few digital marketing technologies from email to marketing software that are now available that can provide personalized marketing.

They are also within the resources and reach of most businesses. They will allow you to do personalisation at scale. You only have to look at where lots of Facebook’s revenue comes from and it becomes clear that smart phones going to be a big part of the marketers focus. Access to powerful software that was only in the past accessible by the big end of wn has become a reality for all, as the cost of technology writes. Marketing effectiveness is also able to be measured for impressions, engagement and clicks. Notice that we now have the abilityto measure almost any data point. As a result, the trouble is I don’t know which half, Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted. For example, you should know what to measure and the digital ols to do it. Measurement is what the digital world excels at. Facebook likes were the new gold rush. Certainly, we have talked about trust, engagement and similar fluffy metrics. Just keep reading. They realized that it was free marketing driven by the global online crowd. For the last 7 years the shiny new social media y has distracted us.

Accordingly the marketers started piling in, when social media started to be recognised as not simply a plaything for teenagers.

Nike pays Tiger Woods and many other athletes for one problem.

Helping them reach the right audience. It is you don’t look for to be spending $ 100 in advertising almost any day and only making $ 50 in profit. Facebook makes big money from this in if you are paying you’d better hopefully you are measuring the results. Make sure you do not pay for traffic until you know what it produces. For instance, in the past advertising was just seen as an expense. You can’t do everything on mobile so you have to do what matters. What actually is that? Mobile raises the challenge of less is more. You know what’s needed but now you have to find the resources that you can trust.

There are plenty of questions that burn in many marketers minds.

Facebook has wound it’s organic reach for pages back to almost zero.

Here is what attracted me and many marketers 7 years ago. Need to reach your Facebook fans? Usually, things have changed. It is the social web marketing tactics, new media and digital marketing automation are all new skills, concepts and technologies that we need to understand and learn. I know that hurts. You thought when you left college or university those exams and learning were all over. Look, there’re some other challenges. You will also need to integrate technology into your digital marketing manager skill set.To cap it all off you should find someone who understands and has the capabilities. There is more information about it here. Technology is ranked as the third biggest challenge. I know that the new emerging media sites like Buzzfeed, Viral Nova and Upworthy’s success ain’t from just creative excellence but data driven decisions. Besides, the web now provides us with the data we need to determine what works and what doesn’ The guesswork is disappearing.A/B split testing can be automated.

Another digital asset are your tribes on social media.

Minecraft hardly spends a cent on traditional advertising.

All they had to do was train them on video making. They generate 4 billion video views a month on YouTube with content marketing created by their fans. Why should they when they know how the social web works. Eventually, at the annual Minecraft conferences the young fans are not provided free workshops on how to play Minecraft but on Video Creation 101”. Marketing webinars that educate while wearing a virtual reality headset will have incredible engagement capabilities. Now please pay attention. In the Men in Black movies, Agent Kay and Agent Jay are the guardians of all things alien. Surely it’s a device about the size of an average cigar tube that gives a bright flash which erases the memories of the past.

The ols at their disposal is the Neuralyzer.It is amongst the signature tools.

In traditional industries the upside is huge as they are the most ripe to be disrupted by someone who gets digital.

As a matter of fact, the opportunities are staggering… must you roll up your sleeves and choose it. 100 – visit this website in case you need more read. Digital marketing isn’t just about challenges but opportunities. What are the privileges digital marketing can provide? Coca Cola decided to ‘reinvent’ and pivot its marketing philosophy from creative excellence to content marketing excellence when it discovered an essential truth about the digital world. Then, that your customers and fans could create a few more stories, content and conversations about your brand than they could ever hope to build or buy on their own. Standing out will be even harder and marketers will need to find different ways of communicating with potential customers that work.

Investing in growing your digital assets is vital and content is the foundation.

They are customer CRM and digital marketing automation software just like Infusionsoft, Ontraport, Hubspot and Marketo and quite a few more.

Right after they are acquired by the business the next challenge is learning how to use them. Also, google, Facebook or Twitter don’t have control here. That said, its the one you own and have the most control over. Your website is your most important digital asset. As a result, for most sites the blog is or may be the content hub. While breathing and evolving honeypot that keeps bring people back to read and view, a website might be a living. Needless to say, john Maynard Keynes insight many years ago, that summed up the challenge for businesses in the 20th century, is more relevant day than when it was first uttered. And that’s why growing and investing in your long period of time game. Write. You may have the content but do you have the crowd to distribute it? Now regarding the aforementioned fact… Digital marketing platforms provide automation ols that allow you to publish and market at scale.

By the way, the splintering of media means that to do digital marketing at scale you need help.

Human intuition and creativity now is enhanced by data.

Now Undoubtedly it’s being amplified and optimized by technology and science.

You would not only need to know the what but the how for all these new marketing tactics. Actually, as marketers we need to be reinventing ourselves. Now please pay attention. That’s a fact, it’s a revolution, not an evolution and ignorance isn’t bliss but a road to extinction. Computer company should disrupt the music business. With all that said… Who thought a mobile app should destroy the taxi industry. On p of that, staying in your comfort zone isn’t an option in a digital world. What do you think is the most important trend that will disrupt your industry?

Has it made a difference.What technology are you thinking of implementing? What digital marketing trends have you adopted? Relevance is key to catching and holding attention offline and online. Delivering content that engages and sells means tagging customers interests as they discover you and subscribe to your email list. Now this brings in about 30000 visitors a month. Take into account that organic search rankings can bring in 300percentage more traffic than social. Besides, ranking position one and two on a Google search for social media facts. It does take time and persistence. Below is one of my search assets. Experience, skill and intuition were the marketers only friends to achieve optimal results. In the past direct mail, print and mass media were your only option. Day there’s a completely new and vital component. Known that is why advertising on the web and a data scientist are a match made in heaven. That is interesting right? In the past the cost of developing an app was high.

Day the costs are plummeting as the technology has improved. Actually the domination of the web by mobile will lead to companies realizing that an app is no longer an option but a necessity. Social media is great for traffic, brand awareness and customer engagement but as you move down the sales funnel the other digital marketing tactics are vital. Consequently, landing pages that convert and an email list that gives you control of customer contact. On p of that, almost all the videos on YouTube about Minecraft were created by young passionate Minecraft fans. Create videos about Minecraft. Have you been reminded to stand to reach your standing goal a couple of times in the course of the day as it vibrates gently on your wrist. As the web becomes noisier and more crowded the use of wearable technology by marketers may be tested. You wear a Apple watch, right? You should be confronted with terms and words like SERP optimisation, long tail, inbound links, list building, optimization, CRO, conversion, retargeting… and the list goes on, as soon as you step into the digital marketing maelstrom.

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What The Guests Ld About Eresin Crown Hotel


 hotel Basically the Mercure George is very conveniently situated in the heart of Reading wn centre making it an excellent destination to stay on a night out or weekend out in Reading.

It’s quirky but charming.

Hotel staff very friendly. Being the age Surely it’s the room wasn’t the most clean however convenience outways this. Overall I should recommend and definately stay again. Besides, the hotel building is amid the oldest buildings in Reading. Only complaint I have is that the bed was should have been with me she probably couldn’t have slept in that bed I know that the location is great, we were withing walking distance to all the monuments and we often walked over to the tram station on Sultanahmet if we wanted to leave so it’s a small hotel which is generously staffed and the staff take a personal. Our room is very comforting with windows overlooking the sea. For more information click this: 100. Very clean and well kept daily.

For example, the staff is so accommodating and hospitable. Shopping breakfast buffet is just great from a variety to choices. Then the location is absolutely great amount of service, rooms and bathrooms are comfortable, food excellent.

Preserves the personal uch that many big name brand hotels have lost.

I made a small complaint that breakfast closed almost any way the staff were kind and solicitous. Hotel is built on the rubble of Roman and Byzantine Constantinople and the ground floor displays artifacts, and even part of a wall, from that period. Normally, so that’s an idea medium sized hotel conveniently situated behind the Sultanahmet Mosque. Now please pay attention. I felt myself in the premises during my stay. Notice, with an interesting museum, the hotel is also very charming. Basically, all the requests were imediately answered. Certainly, this exelent hotel has better staff I have ever met, excelent location, near major sights of Istanbul. Truly 5 star hotel, charming, best staff, excelent location, more than we could expect. We found this hotel comfortable, very stylish and so well placed for the major sights in this wonderful city. All its archaelogical columns and mosaics added much to the ambience.The staff were tally helpful.

 hotel My husband and I stayed at the Eresin Crown Hotel for 3 nights to celebrate my husband’s birthday.

Almost any detail was perfect!

By the way, the bed was firm but very comfortable. Furthermore, the hotel staff was fantastic! Basically the Turkish robes and soft large wels were inviting and cozy. On p of that, it was like Sunday brunch every morning! All complimentary! By the way, the room was spacious and beautifully appointed. Better part of this hotel is the staff. Nevertheless, breakfast any morning was included and delicious! Taxi’s, directions, maps, bottled water, coffee, tea, cookies, fresh fruit and more were just plenty of amenities that were provided daily. Yes, that’s right! The location was ideal as That’s a fact, it’s in the heart of Istanbul’s historical sights. I will highly recommend this hotel and will definitely return! This is where it starts getting very interesting, right? I forgot my phone charger -one was brought to our room for me to use during our stay, on my husband’s birthday a delicious care with candles and a card was delivered to our room for him. I believe the hotel is formally listed as a museum.

 hotel Hotel is built on the site of the Roman palace and the foyer and ground floor restaurant incorporate part of an original wall, a mosaic and similar artifacts which make a very pleasant change from the usual hotel furnishings.

It’s very conveniently located with a bunch of the major sites and many restaurants within pleasant, easy walking distance.

I have stayed in around the globe and this was amidst the nicest. They’re incredibly polite but friendly and always willing to help. So this hotel has better staff I’ve ever come across. Then again, we were also given a late have a look at the day we were leaving. We arrived really early in the morning and our room was made available before 9 am!

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@Kevindewalt’s Blog


 business Beats me how people have time for all this.

We take it at it’s face value, right?

Somebody please tell me what’s the reliability of the data being thrown at the users. After that, there are people out there falling over ourselves developing all sorts of bots to actually automate the complete process of Liking and Following. Notice that have a healthy balance of fun images and business pictures. Check it out and add it to your reader to keep up to date on plenty of coolest ways to use the Instagram platform for business. Rachel Sprung writes, Take advantage of the increased real estate you have with the Instagram web page to tell a story with the images. Anthropologie has struck a perfect balance with their images. For instance, a puppy picture received 7640 likes and a picture of their personal shoppers posing at a company luncheon event received 3457. Their followers like fun images as well as business ones. So a great web page can convert 4 of leads into sales.

 business Complex, or -for the majority of you reading this -new -and you’re not turning leads into customers, try helping them on the phone, Skype or Hangout, So if your solution is expensive. Actually a great phone call can convert 80percentage of leads into sales. Make time to since it is now so easy for customers to switch to competitors. 100 – visit this webpage if you are looking for more informations. They have a great product and assume that advantage will continue. However, can’t see the value and assume that customer support will handle it.

 business Being helpful using your system is really effective for me.

Great chart!

I’m running an autoresponder curriculum using Emma and have gained more than 100 new subscribers in the past week. Anyway, it should take the ‘pressure’ off the interaction and everybody comes away feeling better and more informed. Thanks for the case studies -they doublecheck if you’re focusing on helping them with a specific problem and not merely networking -the latter is a waste of time. Usually, it doesn’t matter whether you know a lot about Lean Startup -you almost definitely know more than they do. That said, whenever meeting them in coffee shops, or helping them virtually over Skype or Hangout, re not planning to find you -you have to aggressively pursue opportunities to find them by speaking. Furthermore, start helping these people get started with Lean Startup. Use your blog or meetups as a means of beginning the relationship and offer ways to Actually the cost of building products continues to fall and we have direct access to worldwide customers through channels like email social media. Essentially, this increased capacity to create and deliver our solutions has created another problem. I would like to ask you something. With a lot noise how can new entrepreneurs get noticed?

While being a Lean Startup still conveys so here is changing very fast, at the moment.

Now just about any city across the globe has an inexpensive program where the smartest, most aggressive people can figure out how to uncover demand.

You are having a hard time finding customers to interview being that a dozen other startups -and increasingly big companies -are planning to identical market with identical questions. You have a n of valuable knowledge about how your customers work. Your customers spend their days reading email or sitting in boring meetings -knowing how their peers are working and solving problems is incredible valuable. You know vastly more than you realize and can use this knowledge to create evangelists. Nevertheless, many don’t as long as they underestimate how much they know. By reading this you’ve demonstrated an interest in learning how to build your business by being helpful.

You’ve never heard of Helpful Marketing before and don’t know what to expect from a workshop.

For me just reading this post is not enough to earn your trust.

We will assume you’re a qualified lead, I’m teaching Helpful Marketing workshops on this topic. It also is pretty difficult being that people need to be convinced you can I know it’s increasingly becoming a solitary way you can get and keep a business advantage -my advice is to start doing it before your competitors do. Being helpful is no panacea -it won’t make up for bad products, a lack of commitment or vision. Besides, the challenge is that customers are skeptical and don’t need to call you as long as they expect a sales pitch.

They will call you for therefore -but the world is so flooded with Lean Startup 101 content that I don’t even bother writing it as long as nobody will read it. Actually, the most effective way I see this working is with email autoresponders when someone opts in for product information, newsletter or trial. It only works if your offer to that’s why service providers offer free consultations. Actually. Lots of your customers are smart enough to realize this So in case you think about it … should you ever buy anything from me if I tried to trick you like that and wasted your time?

When I first started doing Customer Development I expected a systematic process that would start yielding insight after a month or two of hard work.

Accordingly the obvious problems with solutions tested over a few weeks of Customer Development rarely yield anything -otherwise somebody should already be doing it. With that said, this rarely happens. Our customers are overwhelmed with email. Engagement on social media is falling. We are entering a brand new era. Global competitors will copy your solutions and sell them for less. I’ve seen at least 5 teams work on it … and yet Americans still have a real problem finding domestic a great Yaya in the Philippines or Ayi in China.

So this problem is vastly more complex or somebody must be doing it.

An example is Ash Maurya’s Lean Canvas best selling book Running Lean.

Ash will spend 1on1 time with them over Skype helping them test their ideas with the canvas. In 2009 10″ he created the first draft of the Lean Canvas asked me to refer entrepreneurs to him from the DC Lean Startup meetup.

Now regarding the aforementioned fact… With that said, this insight lead to Running Lean. Accordingly the solution is to target the people you seek for to is helping entrepreneurs for years build more successful products and market them with their helpful content. That said, this customer type evangelism has to be earned. That’s interesting. Buffer is a great example of this. Notice that social media marketing ain’t exactly a domain that inspires our love and excitement. Suppose you need to start selling solutions but don’t have loads of experience with Lean Startup or a great reputation. So there’s a growing demand for corporate Lean Startup training and consulting services. Essentially, your features … product support … FAQ … user manuals … all help them use your product more effectively. It is help them be more effective themselves and you’ll win their trust.

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Tips For Using Instagram For Business


 business marketing Did you enjoy this article? Really very nice tips.

I don’t think so or probably I don’t know about it.

Just seek for to double check.if we can paste the links of our websites on the posts through Instagram? I use Instagram for promotion of my own blogs and definitely its working wonders. Actually, So there’re apps that let users print images, search tags and keywords, subscribe to Instagram profiles via email, download all Instagram photos in a single archive folder, plus quite a few more. Kay Tan put gether a list of 20 apps that will enhance your ‘photosharing’ experiences. Hi, How do I get my business Instagram page to link to my business FB page rather than my personal FB page? It seems to automatically link to my personal page and I can’t see any other options.

 business marketing Their findings also shed light on choices around filtered photos. Lofi is the filter of choice for 14 percent of brands’ filtered photos, followed by Valencia with 12 percent, Rise with 12 percent, Amaro with 11 percent, Hudson with 9 percent, Sierra with 9 percent, XPro I with 8 percent and Hefe with 7 percent. Businesses can host photo contests on Instagram using hashtags to organize submissions and a RSS feed to follow gether with new photos as they’re added. To connect to Facebook. Then again, you’ll need to connect your Instagram account to Facebook, before you can start sharing photos and videos from Instagram to a Page you manage on Facebook. 100 – visit this page in the event you want more read. You see, you can now select a Page you manage as the default location for where your posts are shared on Facebook. Just think for a moment. For me, it should take thinking about a profile in a little more detail to explore what else I can do! Considering the above said. Amongst the reasons, consequently, minutes ago I added the Instagram tab to my Facebook page. Nevertheless, instagrammers can use plenty of trending hashtags to join in a bigger part of the visual community storytelling.

 business marketing When Twitter’s #followfriday seemed somewhat ‘avant garde’?

Regardless of what you decide now, I reckon it pays to keep your eye on Instagram and how they continue to develop.

There’s really nothing to lose from trying. Regarding the demographics, To be honest I don’t think it hurts to test with your audience and how receptive they are to Instagram. It’s easy and takes very little time to setup and use. Now regarding the aforementioned fact… So if you have a Facebook business page and your images and videos are liked and shared you can create a very nice and complimentary presence on Instagram. Thanks! Thank you very much for these tips.

 business marketing It’s very timely, I just created an account for my business last week,.

Debbie, I’m hooked!

I appreciate all the insights and will definitely be following this post as I start to grow my Instagram account. For example, I’d suggest checking out the Terms of Use on Instagram’s web site and contacting their team for any clarifications. Of course. Thanks for reading. That’s where it starts getting very intriguing. Instagram is perfect for displaying fun times in the office or when you’re out and about having lunch or dinner with coworkers. Donna Amos writes, While running a business requires dedication, sweat and sometimes tears, it must never be all work and no play.

Instead you must be happy and successful in your career, it not only suggests that you don’t take life kinds of images types with followers speaks volumes. Lexususa had a cuttingedge vision with their #LexusInstafilm using 212 instagrammers’ images to edit gether a 44 Instagram video to showcase the 2014 Lexus IS. I know people love photos of animals, cute puppies and kittens get quite a few love on social media.What is the feeling on a food company posting photos of animals? We have a cookie business and I’m always afraid that consumers don’t like to see animals and food gether or animals associated with food.

Will love your thoughts on it. Thanks! I will definitely put the tips listed in this post to use when our new smartphone brand is launched later this year. Great tips here Debbie. Thanks for sharing such creative and concise content. I just started using Instagram a month ago and find it to be fun and entertaining. Simply sign up for an account, add a profile photo and a link to your website, connect your account to Facebook and let your followers know they can follow you there. Usually, great things can happen when a platform is purchased by an entity just like Facebook. Instagram and Facebook as a duo offer brands an unique opportunity for promotion. I ok a look at the Terms and saw this reference which is different than what you asked but still good to know.You must not use domain names or web URLs in your username without prior written consent from Instagram.

Thanks for sharing these tips Deb.

The important thing to remember is how to create an instagram campaign.

Instagram is a great to get the attention of our market. Remember, samsung Camera used the hashtag #LiveInTheMoment to successfully promote their Instagram photo contest on their Facebook page. Rachel, I believe it’s a very comprehensive analysis. I didn’t see the anticipation of uploading photos quite often for the world to see. So here’s a question. I remember the first time I tried Instagram and ld myself why will I use this social networking site?

Therefore I saw its advantage and I’m on Instagram highway all the way. Curious on the point regarding rewarding followers -how are discount codes, information regarding exclusive promos, and similar distributed to new followers on Instagram? Is there an app that will allow you to ‘drip’ comments.to a specific picture.namely, one of yours. To be honest I want to add comments to one of MY images, over time. Also, you talk about a posting schedule for comments. Ok, and now one of the most important parts. Instagram is growing. On p of this, thanks for your question. Is there a way to have multiple users contribute to ONE Instagram account? On p of this, I can not find a way to have multiple managers, Know what guys, I know where are apps to manage multiple Instagram accounts. We are looking at very helpful tips that I plan to put in place for my new online vintage accessory business! For instance, thank you, Debbie and watch for the branding of CalamityGirl as I learn the ropes of the somewhat overwhelming world of social media marketing! Now pay attention please. Great ideas for how to incorporate Instagram into businesses.

With so many social media sites out there day I feel like Instagram has the greatest potential and is also the more fun sites to use.

She helps businesses develop and maintain social media content strategies.

Debbie Hemley is a freelance writer and social media coach. Follow her on Twitter @dhemley Facebook. Tap Facebook > tap Share to, To share to another Page or to switch back to sharing on your Timeline, return to your Share Settings &gt. Of course, there are fabulous ideas and I’m eager to jump on a couple of them for my store. Is there a way to choose between pages? Eventually, even more importantly, my business FB page, I’m almost sure I came across this article, as I am making an attempt to find out how to be able to choose/post a Instagram photo to my personal FB page. Please help! Can you only use Instagram from a mobile device?Seems difficult for ‘small medium’ sized business’ who don’t have a business smart phone to use Instagram from. A well-known fact that is. It would mean either myself or others within the organisation should need to use their own personal mobile device to post on the organisations behalf.

James Borow explains, Brands create Instagram videos, share them to their Facebook pages and later boost them into paid media that hits the Facebook news feed, in very similar way that they boost text or photo posts.

It’s profiting from Instagram without having to advertise on Instagram… For now it’s all about capturing and sharing the world’s moments and paying to distribute them on the world’s largest that said, this enables brands to reach Facebook’s 818 million monthly active mobile users, that dwarfs Instagram’s 130 million. Look, there’re image analytics ols similar to BlitzMetrics and Curalate that will provide detailed insights. Look for to know how your brand is doing on Instagram? m Edwards suggests that Brands can share unique branded experiences, highlight brand advocates, co create content with audiences, preview products, highlight a specific cause, extend the brand’s persona via video, preview upcoming events by adding visual context, share important news, drive promotional awareness, leverage Instagram video for promotion and create videos that show fan appreciation. It’s good practice to follow other brands on Instagram, as we covered in #6. Simply enter the brand name or hashtag into the search box and click Search. Of course statigram is a great ol for finding brands and hashtags that relate to your brand.

They hit 150 million monthly active users on 9/8/An article on Forbes reports that it’s 50 million more than just seven months ago.

Hope that’s helpful.

These instructions come from the Instagram Help Page. Study conducted by Simply Measured earlier this year found 59 the percent world’s p brands are now active on Instagram. Denim brand 7 For All Mankind used the platform to identify that an image was resonating on Instagram. And capitalize on the popularity a brand can see how that popularity translates into added followers because, tim Peterson writes, Curalate is able to track a Instagram post’s likes and comments. Whenever resulting in the brand’s most engaged ad on that platform to date…, it hereafter pushed that out as a Facebook ad. Lots of info can be found easily by going online. Collins Paris describes how American Express offers its followers backstage entries to events like fashion shows, concerts and even the Open.

Showing your employees at work not only gives a behind the scenes view of your company, it’s also a way to celebrate staff and show them how much they’re valued. Accordingly a great example is Beaucoup Bakery, that shares pictures of their staff with the hashtag #beaucrew. Businesses been flocking to Instagram in droves. In response, Instagram started the Instagram for Business blog, that offers tips, brand spotlights, API examples and news from Instagram HQ. I’m sure it sounds familiar. I love #25 Yuck it Up. I tally agree that Instagram is the channel to show more of a human side. I always appreciate posts of employees -or even their pets! Nevertheless, it is a comprehensive list, Debbie! I’m quite sure I feel like brands feel a little less out in the open and vulnerable, since the channel is so mobile focused. Thanks for your thoughts! Did you hear about something like that before? I’m using Instagram as a designer since my business is very visual and I enjoy snapping photos on shopping trips, and stuff I am now considering whether I really need a facebook page for my business.

To be honest I really don’t get it, I know the wise advice it to link these platforms.

It’s annoying to visit their other social media sites and see similar things, when I view the photos of those I follow on Instagram in my feed.

Question.what is the benefit for the user to have content doubled on Instagram and Facebook? Debbie, thanks for the great article. Brandon Gaille has a helpful list of what to include in your profile and Gerry Moran provides an easytodigest graphic illustrating where everything shows. You’ll need to connect your Instagram account to Facebook, before you can start sharing photos and videos from Instagram to a Page you manage on Facebook. To connect to Facebook. That’s great that she’s using Instagram for her business, please how about to share and if she has any tips to share with us, we’d love to hear about her experiences. For instance, hi Phillip, Thanks for your comment.

Then again, I mean when do they work if they are busy all along either uploading or viewing what ever is coming to their devices.

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Why Now Is The Perfect Time To Invest In Real Estate


 Real Estate Their response has a direct impact on the mind of customers and it’s very useful in making a perfect reputation.

That’s as long as everyone is in a hurry and wants an immediate response.

Today, the customer service has turned into the client engagement in need to invest in markets outside their own neighborhood since if you seek for to buy a rental property and live in Southern California at the moment you’re preparing to spend over $ 400000 and possibly not even have any positive cash flow in year one.

 Real Estate Another important sign that the tides are turning in a positive direction is the fact that foreclosures are on the decline. 100 – visit this web page in case you are looking for more read. MarketWatch cites data compiled by Black Knight Financial Services that show in the year 2000, the tal number of foreclosures was 114310 and now in 2016, that number has dropped to a staggering 77657 compared to its peak between 2008 and 2010 of about 650000 foreclosures reported. These numbers must further prove how the economy is seeing a change for the better, another indicator for investors to try and get into the business while the market still is primed for it. Less foreclosures mean homeowners have the money to pay their mortgages so banks aren’t coming in and taking away their investments. Now look. Whenever giving buy and hold investors important insight into where to invest depending on the current market trends, the rental market rates of rentals. Take the rising home costs, the growing rental market, and the low levels of foreclosures as signs of a better real estate market ahead for all investors.

Now should be top-notch time to get back in and start building those investments for the future, I’d say if you are new to investing or were involved in the business before and ok a break because of the uncertainty of the market.

I must have started investing 6 years ago while leading investigations about fraud in short sales, that was when the costs were at their lowest and gains were at their highest and the feds refused to prosecute criminal acts. I missed the boat, today’s costs are over inflated. Yahoo Finance reported that June is the 52nd consecutive month where median home costs increased on a year over year basis. Now this rise in costs could be because of the lack of inventory in the market, that is driving costs up and giving investors the opportunity to capitalize on these investments. He attributes this to the stabilizing economy increasing demand for rentals, the lower inventory leading to rising costs, and the difficulty people are experiencing obtaining mortgages as reasons why they are moving more wards renting.

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